Clip John Siracusa’s Resume



B.S., Computer Engineering (Cum Laude), May 1997, Boston University, Boston, MA

  • Comprehensive knowledge of modern, object-oriented Perl programming.
  • Seventeen years experience building database-backed web applications using mod_perl, Mason, DBI, JavaScript, and the Apache web server.
  • Extensive experience with database administration, schema design, SQL query optimization, and procedural languages using MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Informix, and Oracle,
  • Thorough understanding of the W3C web standards, including HTML, XHTML, CSS, and XML.
  • Excellent knowledge of web site architecture and web usability issues.
  • Fifteen years experience as a freelance writer for the web and print.
  • Experience with C/C++ in a Unix environment.
Work Experience

Lead Developer - May 2009 - present

Ars Technica - Columnist
October 1999 - present

Cambridge Interactive Development Corp
Software Group Manager - November 2007 - May 2009
Senior Software Engineer - June 2004 - November 2007

  • Led a team of five engineers in the server-side development group, responsible for the design and implementation of web applications and services with a significant database back-end component.
  • Reimplemented the company’s affiliate program using modern web development practices and technologies.
  • Created an MVC web application framework, including a general-purpose object-relational mapper, HTML forms library, and localization support.
  • Developed a generic configuration management system for server-side components which was used for new projects and retrofitted to existing components.
  • Created web-based and offline marketing tools for automating the segmentation, emailing, and tracking of customers.
  • Designed and implemented the database schema, stored procedures, and web-based administration tools for several major features of the company’s flagship product.
  • Developed a generic Perl RPC library which replaced the existing SOAP implementation, yielding a 3x average performance improvement.

Palm Digital Media - Senior Web Developer
June 2002 - June 2004

  • Designed and implemented the flagship ecommerce web site which sells direct-download, DRM-enabled electronic books and other software.
  • Created internal web-based tools for ebook production, customer service, sales and royalty report generation, and web store management.
  • Developed a modular web application construction framework based on HTML::Mason. This framework allowed the rapid development and evolution of the ecommerce web site and internal tools.
  • Created the database schema, triggers, and stored procedures for the back-end accounting system.
  • Imported historical data from the legacy MySQL database to the new PostgreSQL RDBMS.

Northern Light - Senior Software Engineer
January 2001 - June 2002

  • Developed and deployed Northern Light’s web-based content integration and search service, SinglePoint, for enterprise customers using mod_perl, Mason, DBI, and Apache.
  • Primary author of department-wide Perl coding standards.
  • Redesigned and re-implemented the SinglePoint enterprise portal using object-oriented Perl, increasing scalability and decreasing maintenance and customization overhead.
  • Created a suite of Perl modules to facilitate code reuse within the company by providing a uniform, high-level interface to Northern Light’s core search technologies, a generalized Perl-based build/configuration management system, and a standardized Perl object model.

Public Interactive - Senior Developer
April 1996 - January 2001

  • Developed a public broadcasting web network that supported more than 100 member stations. Features included an arts and entertainment site, online chat, and a news portal that supported web-based publishing of local content from member stations, automated national/worldwide news feeds, user-contributed content, and both centralized and local editorial control.
  • Authored company-wide code and content creation guidelines.
  • Created internal development tools and general-purpose web applications such as search engines, content management systems, and web bulletin boards that were used across multiple web sites.
  • Installed and maintained database servers, web servers, and other essential software on several flavors of Unix (AIX, Solaris, Linux).
Honors, Activities, and Interests