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I've released several Perl modules to CPAN over the years.

My CPAN modules

Rose 2008-11-02

Rose is a set of Perl modules focused on web application development.

Rose project home page

robots 2000-04-13

robots is a Perl implementation of the classic Unix game. It was written as a contribution to Perl Power Tools: The Unix Reconstruction Project. It requires the Curses module to run properly (sorry MacPerl users). 0.51

Net::Hotline 2002-06-10

The Net::Hotline modules implement a Hotline interface in Perl. Hotline was a client/server system that's sort of a cross between IRC and a BBS. This was my first CPAN module.


hlftp 1999-09-21

hlftp is a command-line FTP-like file transfer client for Hotline. 1.07